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Subscribe to to have quick easy access to our workbooks, presentations and cover lessons. We supply high quality materials that can be used in secondary school classrooms to help support the teaching of outstanding Science lessons.

Each topic has a lesson workbook, mark scheme, and PowerPoint presentation with a supporting video tutorial which can be shown directly to a class as a cover lesson, to explain content, demonstrate worked examples and support the teacher in delivering the lesson content.

Our worksheets set a series of challenging tasks to be completed throughout the lesson, getting progressively harder aiming to keep students engaged and developing their skills throughout. Mark schemes for each lesson worksheet are also provided so that both teacher and student can quickly identify errors and assess the progress being made.

A subscription will also give you free access to our online book “50 Physics Experiments For The Science Classroom” which describes how to perform 50 different classroom experiments spread over the topics of Energy, Heat, Forces, Pressure, Electricity and Magnetism.

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